Student Accounts and Billing

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Estimated Expenses

You can find a list of estimated expenses on our program page. More information on student fees and other details can be found on the Onestop website.

Exchange Tuition Benefits

When specified by an agreement, exchange benefits provide tuition for 12-20 course credits per semester for those admitted as undergraduates. The minimum credit load for non-degree seeking undergraduates is 12, as regulated by the University and the U.S. State Department. There is no additional tuition charge for any credits over 12, but we advise that exchange students do not take more than 16 credits per semester. Tuition benefits for the exchange do not cover:

  1. Courses in the Professional Schools and other courses that have a special tuition rate 
  2. Special course fees (for example, music lessons, sports equipment, art supplies) 
  3. Online “Unite” courses in the College of Science and Engineering.

If you take classes of the sort listed above, you are responsible for paying all tuition and fees incurred.

ISSS will make arrangements to pay exchange benefits for the appropriate programs. However, you must pay any charges which are your responsibility (such as housing charges, special course fees, the cost of a bus pass, etc.) during the first week of classes and directly to the University to avoid being charged late fees.


Timing of Bills

Your total fee statement for tuition, fees, insurance, and campus housing will be posted to your student account once you are registered for courses, and must be paid in full by the first due date. If you do not pay your bill in full, you risk having your course registration cancelled, thereby violating your visa status. Students living in campus housing will also be billed a $25 Housing Application Fee.

Pay Tuition with FlyWire

International students can pay tuition online through their Student Account by using Flywire. This is a service that allows you to bypass international transfer fees and access foreign exchange rates that are more favorable than those offered by banks.

To take advantage of this option, log in to MyU and go to the “My Finances” tab. Select “International Payment” when making your payment. You will need to create an account with Flywire, so have your student ID and information available. Watch this short video - made just for international students - which explains the process. Learn more at