GO Minnesota staff are committed to providing you with the support you need, when you need it. 

Classes and Professors

You will be fully integrated into classes alongside University of Minnesota students and faculty. Our most important job is to make sure you succeed. Therefore, we offer:

  • Academic advising
  • Comprehensive orientation
  • Regular check-ins throughout the semester 
  • Graduate school application seminars


You will be guaranteed housing on campus, giving you many opportunities to meet other U.S. students and get involved in campus activities.


  • Semester students live on campus in University Village apartments
  • Summer students live on campus in dormitories
  • Dining options include: 
    • University meal plans
    • Self-catering in apartments
    • Restaurants and cafes near campus
  • Off campus housing also available

On-Campus Student Activities

GO Minnesota staff connect you to exciting on-campus activities such as:

  • Student groups - over 800 of them!
  • Big Ten athletics
  • Campus celebrations
  • Fitness classes
  • Employment opportunities

Off-Campus Excursions

You are invited to join us on any of the excursions included in the program fee, which may include:


  • A professional sports game
  • A performance at the famous Guthrie Theater
  • A trip to Lake Superior, one of America’s “Great Lakes”
  • Canoeing in the Chain of Lakes, or ice skating in St. Paul
It was important that I feel comfortable at the University. I knew that someone would take care of me in the U.S. [and] I wanted to make sure that the University offered a wide variety of courses. This was definitely given at the University of Minnesota...Studying abroad is a great experience! Do it! Minneapolis is an amazing place for it.  - Laura, IEC, Germany